1. Please be courteous to other attendees.  No means No.  Anyone who cannot abide by this will be asked to leave, no questions asked.

2. What happens at RUMOURS, stays at RUMOURS.

3. No usage of cameras, video cameras or cellphone cameras/video in the public areas, what you do is privacy is between you and the other members, as long as all are consenting.

3. Must be 21 years or older to attend.  We will check this prior to receiving a membership.

4. If the Staff determine that you've had too much to drink, are being disruptive or insulting to other guests, we reserve the right make you leave for the evening. If this happens again, your membership will be revoked.


1. Club membership, $20 is good for 365 days. And must either paid in advance or at the first arrival. ID's must be shown for every attendance at the door.

2. Once you've pre-registered as a new member you don't have to do it again, this is just to get you in the database and keeping your first arrival from being lengthy.

3. There are sheets and towels provided for common areas, please use these to keep the furnature clean and sanitary.  Laundry baskets are provided at both ends of the hallway to discard your sheets and please place a new one on the bed after.  Thank you!

4. There are two refrigerators provided.  One downstairs to store your drinks and one upstairs that has mixers in the middle drawer.  We will be checking this to restock when needed.  There is also ice/water in the door upstairs for mixed drinks. 

5. This is an on-premise club.  Naked is good and definitely allowed anywhere in the club.  Also you can have sex anywhere, with the exclusion of the pool table.  Please use sheets to keep our furniture etc. clean.  Thank you.

6. BYOB..soda and orange juice provided.



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